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Why Choose Us?

Finest Quality Ingredients.
Ensured customer satisfaction.
Collaborating with
your unique requirements.
Commited to serving the Four-State Region for over 90 years!


Marrone's Inc. takes pride in catering to the Four-State region, extending from the Kansas City area down to Northwest Arkansas, Missouri and parts of Northeast Oklahoma.


Our roots in Pittsburg, Kansas, strategically position us to deliver top-notch service to the entire region, ensuring proximity to all our local operators.

*The shaded areas in red delineate      Marrone's Inc. coverage area.

Local is home

"Local is Home because when you think locally you have your school, your restaurants, and your hometown bakery. You’ve grown up knowing these places and you feel welcome when you step into them. Everyone is friendly, and you feel as if a part of you is a part of these places too. That’s why local is home to me.”

-Eian Monsour, Frontenac Bakery


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